Friends, we’re nearly five months into my quest to meet 5,000 people. I’m a fifth of the way there in terms of numbers, but there are still some tricks up my sleeve. As for romantic entanglements… well, Edmonton is my boyfriend and I’m going to spend my Valentine’s Day watching A Good Day to Die Hard. Which, in my opinion, is a really fantastic way to spend an evening.

But I just couldn’t get through the holiday without sharing a bit of love with you… and everyone’s favourite boyfriend/girlfriend. (For those who aren’t in on it, I’m talking about our city.) A couple years ago The Charrette made some awesome civic-themed Valentine’s cards. They were so popular that there were two posts. The Edmonton Journal also inspired some great cards as well.

I’m no photoshop-ace like those fellas at the Charrette. (Or Jess for that matter. Wait… why did I make these and not Jess? Dammit.) But here goes nothing! Feel free to print these off and share them with your Valentine.



Nothing says love like Edmonton Transit



What do you think? If you can do better, I’d love to see them! Email me at – there’s still time to share them on Valentine’s Day.

Want more civic love? Omar Mouallem has written a love letter to the city. Isn’t he sweet?

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One comment on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Edmonton!

  1. Edmonton on said:

    I love you too, Brittney… I love you too.

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